SJW Sports Institute provide coaching, training and treatment for athletes, fitness professionals and every day humans to help them get out of pain and achieve their potential. We have spent over two decades learning from industry professionals from across the globe who are at the forefront of biomechanics and sports performance in order to learn how best to help you achieve your goals.


Over the last 15 years, we have helped hundreds of ‘Professional’ and ‘Driven Amateur’ Athletes to achieve their goals, as well as gain the knowledge and understanding of how to look after their bodies and prepare well for events well into the future.


SJW Sports Institute has been developed through the knowledge and passion of founder Simon Whitnall. We consistently achieve success by focussing on the true causes of sporting injuries, understanding the latest research for athletic performance, and delivering a personalised correction plan to condition athletes for the demands of their sport or event.


Our methods focus on treating you beyond the traditional approach and in a more holistic manner. Through understanding how your body moves in your sport, we assess your movement in practice, not just on a table. We believe there is a way to treat your injury, correct your biomechanics and condition you simultaneously, therefore, optimising your training time and improving your performance. Most importantly, we centre our approach to treating you, the client, as a whole. We factor in all aspects of your lifestyle, discover what motivates you, and what your ambitions are so that we can work together to help you reach your performance goals.


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